How to Upload your Patient List

To upload a list of patients to your Well ProZ shop, navigate to the Patients tab in the left menu. 

Then, click Patient Operations > Upload Patients

A modal will appear that offers a Template (see the attachment at the end of this help article).


Once the .CSV has been formatted with your patient list, select Upload in the pop-up modal to attach your patient list. Once attached, click Upload.




After selecting your attachment, click Upload, select which fields you wish to sync from your selected document, and click Go To Check.



Edit any missing or incorrect patient information before clicking Import.


Once imported, your patients will now appear under All Patients within the Patients tab.

Well ProZ Tips:

  • Ensure there are no duplicate email addresses or blank rows in the .CSV file.
  • Only upload the fields provided in the .CSV template.
  • Use Proper Case capitalization for first and last name. These fields are case sensitive.
  • Ensure the DOB is formatted exactly as shown in the .CSV template.


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