Well ProZ Version 1.2.7: Important Updates

There were a ton of important improvements and bug fixes in the Well ProZ 1.2.7 update. Here are a few updates you may have missed:

1. Create Coupons for Specific Product Types

You can now create coupons that apply only to certain product types, such as lab tests, supplements, or bundled programs.

Learn how.

2. Reset Your Stripe Account

Easily reset your Stripe account from your Well ProZ shop.

Learn how.

3. Perform Bulk Price Increases

Now you can increase the price of many products at once using the bulk price increase feature.

Learn how.

4. Customize Product Delivery Fees

You can now change the delivery fees for products such as custom supplements and products. 

Learn how.

5. Edit Product Images

Now you can easily drag and drop new product images and videos to your Well ProZ shop.

Learn how.

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