How To Add Bundled Programs to Your Shop

To add bundled programs to your shop, click on the "New Product" button on the top right of your product list (in the "Shop Products" tab of the left navigation menu).  


Clicking the "New Product" button will expand the menu. From there, choose "Bundled Program." 




Then, add the product name and tagline in the text input fields. Once finished, select "Edit Bundle" to open a list of products in your shop. 




You can use the filter settings and keyword search features to narrow down the products you want to include in the bundle.


Click the checkbox to the product's left to add that product to the bundle.


Well ProZ Tip: You can ONLY add products to your bundles that are available in your shop. You cannot add products from the template library unless they have FIRST been added to and are visible in your shop.


Once you have added products to the bundled program, you can adjust quantities, choose variations, or remove a product using the interface shown below. 




We recommend adding images to the product listing and the Additional Info Section > Text Field to provide context/detail about the bundled program.





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