How To Add Provider Services to Your Shop

To add provider services to your shop, click on "New Product" on the top right of your product list (in the "Shop Products" tab of the left navigation menu).


You can use this feature to offer different prices and consultation length options (30, 60, or 90-minutes) within the same product listing.


Selecting "New Product" will expand the menu. From there, choose "Provider Services." 




Next, fill in the required and optional fields for this product. "Service Name" is the product name that appears in the shop. All services require at least one option, but you can add additional options using the "up" and "down" arrows shown below. 




We recommend adding images to the product listing, as well as the Additional Info Section > Text Field, to provide context and detail about the consultation or service provided. 


Well ProZ Tip:  The "Service details" input box is an internal description only and will not be visible to patients. 








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