What does the Product Approval Status actually mean?

In the Shop Products, the column "Approval Status" can either be set to Auto-Approved or Needs Approval.  (You can change this setting with the action button or the batch setting function)


Auto-Approved:  This setting is used when you want patients to be able to purchase products in your shop without requiring provider approval.  If you're willing to sell the product to anyone and everyone, this is the setting for you. 


Needs Approval:  If you want to limit which patients can order a specific product, and you want to approve each order, then the Needs Approval setting will be best for you.  Needs Approval is helpful if you want to limit certain items to current patients only, or you can't sell products in certain states for example.  




So what actually happens if your product is set to Needs Approval and is purchased? 


Patient Orders where one or more products were set to "Needs Approval" will appear in the "Shop Orders" > "Pending Order".  The status will appear as "Pending" and the two action items will be to Approve and Ignore.  

  • Approving the order will then charge the patient's credit card and initiate the order fulfillment
  • Ignoring the order will not charge the patient's credit card and cancel that specific order



When an order is placed by a patient, the provider will receive an email notification letting them know that an order has been placed that requires approval. 


**Note, if there are other items that the patient orders that are set to auto-approved, those items will ship or can be fulfilled while only the "Needs Approval" items will be delayed and in the Pending Orders queue.  






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