How Does WholeScripts Billing Work?

Unlike our lab test shop products, you receive gross payments and pay WholeScripts bills monthly (NET30).

When a patient places a supplement order from your Well ProZ shop:

  1. Well ProZ charges the patient's credit card the gross amount (Retail Price of Supplement + Shipping Cost)
  2. An API order is generated for WholeScripts to dropship the supplement(s) to the patient
  3. Well ProZ disperses funds to you via Stripe or Plaid for the gross amount minus fees (8%)
  4. WholeScripts sends you a monthly invoice for any supplements sold
  5. You can then use the funds dispersed to you pay the WholeScripts invoice

Well ProZ tip: The suggested markup for each supplement in the product template library is a different percentage, so we can't predict your profit across the board. Instead, your profits are determined on a per-supplement basis.

Well ProZ tip: WholeScript fees are included in the product pricing calculator.

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