Auto-Approve vs. Needs Approval

Every product in your shop can be set to either "Needs-approval" or "Auto-approval."  

  • If a product is auto-approved, a patient's transaction will immediately clear during checkout. 
  • If the product needs approval, it must be approved in the Shop Orders > "Pending Orders" queue. You will be notified via email of a pending order. 

This setting can be toggled on and off using the "action" button in the last column of the listing or by checking all products and using the batch setting: "Approval Setting" shown below. 


From the "Pending Orders" queue, you can either ignore an order or approve it. If approved, the order will process. If ignored, the order will NOT process.  


See the video explanation and supporting images below. 


Below: Approval Status column and two ways to edit the approval setting. 



Below: View of the "Pending Orders" queue. 



Below: Email notification of a pending order





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