Well ProZ Version 5.4 Important Updates

See what new improvements and advantages Well ProZ has to offer with its latest version update release.

1. New NutriProZ Formula Approval Process

We've made changes to the NutriProZ formula approval process and made the approval required setting toggled on by default. You can edit this setting at any time.

Learn how.

2. Email Notifications for NutriProZ Formula Approval Requests

A new email notification has been launched to notify you when a new NutriProZ formula is ready for your approval so you can stay in the know when action is required.

3.  New Patient Checkout Page

Now patients can complete billing, shipping, and patient information separately in the case where this information does not match. This is helpful for cases where a parent is purchasing a lab test for a child.

Learn how.

4. NutriproZ and Regenere Test Message Updates

Patients will now receive text message reminders and updates about their NutriProZ and Regenere orders so they can stay up-to-date with their assessments, shipments, deliveries, and more.


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