How to Add At-Home Blood Draw [Mobile Phlebotomy] Product To Your Shop

To add the At-Home Blood Draw [Mobile Phlebotomy] product to your shop, follow the steps below.



Add At-Home Blood Draw product to your shop

Made by Melissa Gentile with Scribe

1. Click "Shop Products"

2. Click "+ New Product"

3. Click "Phlebotomy"

4. Click this checkbox.

5. Click "Add All Selected to the List"

6. Click "OK"

7. Click "Edit product"

8. Click "Phlebotomy Test"

9. Complete this field.

10. Click the "Price" field.

11. Type your price.

12. Upload desired 1000x1000 product image (not required)

13. Click "Save"

14. Click "Yes"

15. Click "Back to product list"



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