How to Use Guest Checkout To Purchase For A Patient

If you are buying a lab test via guest checkout and the patient information is different than the buyer information, please see the steps below. There are options to keep the buyer information and patient information the same or to fill out patient information separately.



Step-by-Step Guide: Guest Checkout for Buyer and Patient Information

Made by Melissa Gentile with Scribe

1. Click "Proceed to Checkout"

2. Click "Checkout as a Guest"

3. Fill out buyer information

4. After completing buyer information, click "Next"

5. Click the "The same as Buyer Information" field if the buyer is also the patient (taking the test).


7. If the patient information is not the same as the buyer information, fill out the patient information below:


9. Enter the patient's phone number and click "Send."

10. Enter the text code they receive and click "Verify."



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