NutriProZ User Guide

NutriProZ is a new Well ProZ product that follows a Test > Formula > Recommendation cycle for optimized health plans.

NutriProZ enables precise, personalized nutrient formulas based on your patient's lab test results.


How it works:

1. Add the NutriProZ Product to Your Shop

In your shop products tab, click + New Product and then Lab Test. Choose the Template option.




2. Use the Search Bar to Locate the Test




3. Make Any Necessary Edits

Adjust the copy, price, images, and any additional resources to your liking.




4. Patient Places the Order

The patient orders the NutriproZ product from your Well ProZ shop. They pay for both the NutriproZ test and the generated formula according to their results.


Note: The patient can only order one NutriProZ test in a single transaction. This is to ensure that the lab has the correct buyer information to run the tests accurately.




5. Patient Receives Order Confirmation

The patient will receive an order confirmation from Well ProZ informing them of the next steps and inviting them to fill out the Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire.


6. Lab Ships the Test Kit to Patient & Collection Is Returned By Phlebotomist

The following email series will be sent to the patient. Tracking information will also be accessible by the patient and provider under Order Details in your Well ProZ shop. 




7. The Lab Generates the Report & Customized Formula

The report is then uploaded to your Well ProZ shop, and the patient will receive the email below.

Untitled8. Approve/Reject Formula Under Recommendation Requests in the Shop
You can view the patient's formula recommendation and automatically or manually Approve or Reject the recommendation. 
9. The Formula is Shipped Once Approved
Once you have approved your patient's formula, Well ProZ will ship the personalized supplements to your patient, and they will receive the emails below.




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