How to Allow Patients to Ask Questions Directly From Your Well ProZ Shop

To allow patients to ask questions about a product directly from your shop, first, locate the product you want to allow patients to submit questions for within the Shop Products tab.

Select the product name, and scroll down to click the +Add an Info Section button pictured below.

Select the FAQ icon.

Then toggle on "Allow user to ask questions" and Save.

Patients can now locate the product on the shop, click the product to view details, and select Ask Your Own Question at the bottom of the page.

After clicking Ask Your Own Question, the patient can submit their question in the text box pictured below:


Once the patient writes their question and clicks "Send Now," the question will appear in the back end of your shop under Messages and will be labeled unread.



After selecting the message, type your response, click Send Your Answer

Click OK to submit your response to the patient.

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