How To Add and Edit Food Zoomer Bundles in Your Shop

To add a Food Zoomer Bundle to your shop, click the Product Template tab on the left menu under Shop Products.

Searching by "zoomers" will refine the Product List to Zoomer Bundles only.

From there, choose one or multiple Zoomer Bundles.


Note: Zoomer bundles labeled "At Home Test" are DBS kits.

Next, click Add All Selected to the List.

Click OK, then Edit Product to add the selected bundles to the back end of your shop.





To make the bundle visible to patients, navigate to the Shop Products tab on the left menu.

Select the recently added bundle using the checkbox on the left.

Click Showing on the shop, then Apply to set the status update to visible.



Once the Status column shows visible, the bundle is ready for purchase on your shop.



To make edits to the product content, click on the product name. From there, Product Name and contents under Product details are editable fields. Click Save at the top right of your screen after any edits to save your changes.


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