Well ProZ Version 1.3.1: Important Updates

There were lots of exciting improvements and bug fixes in the Well ProZ 1.3.1 update!

Here are a few updates you may have missed:

1. Food Zoomer Bundles are now available in your Product Template list

We've now made offering the Food Zoomer Bundles in your shop easier than ever! You can offer any assortment from 4 to 11 different Food Zoomers with the Free Add-On.

How to Add Food Zoomer Bundles to Your Shop

How do Patients Select Food Zoomer Bundles?




When patients add the Food Zoomer Bundle to their cart, they'll be prompted to select the correct number of Food Zoomers. The page will not let them proceed until the correct number is chosen.  




Once the Food Zoomers are selected, they will be prompted to select the Free Add-On.




They can then confirm and continue with the payment process as usual.


2. Rearrange products in your Well ProZ shop

Yes!  You can now rearrange up to 20 products at a time in your shop with a few clicks.


Start by selecting the products you want to rearrange and select Rearrange Order. Then click View Details.




There are two ways to adjust or rearrange the order.

  1. Drag and drop by hovering over the 6 dots on the left side of the product number and dragging it where you want it in the order. 
  2. Or Use the up or down arrows on the right-hand side next to the product type. 


Then click Save Rearrange.




3. Allow patients to ask questions directly from your Well ProZ shop

In the product listing, you can click the Add an info section.





Toggle on Allow user to ask questions.




4. Symptoms in the product listing are now in alphabetical order

You can easily add symptoms to your product listing by using the search bar or selecting from the Symptoms List, which is now easier to navigate. 




5. Copy product listing descriptions and info from one product to another

Save time and resources by copying similar product descriptions to one or more products.


In the backend of your Well ProZ shop, navigate to Shop Products, and select Duplicate Content.   Choose the number associated with the products that you would like to copy over. Then click Apply.  




6. Download a full list of all products in your shop

Need to reference all the products in your shop?  You can now download a full CSV file in your Well ProZ shop by following the instructions below.

First, select Download Products.


Next, click Download.





7. Easily filter between At-Home or Serum lab tests in your shop editor

New icons in the shop editor will quickly and easily allow you to change or view which labs are At-Home and which require a blood draw.  

How to Utilize At-Home Category Setting





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